Ingrid Bergman and Paavo Turtiainen wash dishes

Finnish farm boy Paavo Turtiainen is hired into the Parisian household of Swedish theatre producer Lars Schmidt and his wife, actress Ingrid Bergman. The couple “adopt” and train Paavo to navigate among the rich and famous. Encouraged by Schmidt, Paavo moves to New York and becomes an acclaimed chef and event planner for high society. Along the way, Paavo learns to stand on his own feet.

In the film Ingrid Bergman’s daughters Isabella Rossellini and Pia Lindström talk about their “brother” and Lars Schmidt’s son Kristian describes how it was growing up with Paavo.

In contrast to hectic New York, we spend time in the relaxing Swedish archipelago, watch Paavo pick mushrooms in the Finnish forests and visit the railway station in the tiny Finnish town of Karis, where Paavo first encountered Ingrid Bergman – on a magazine cover.

Lars Schmidt and Paavo Turtiainen leaving Dannholmen

Paavo Turtiainen and Isabella Rossellini in Paris

Appearing in the documentary

Paavo Turtiainen
Pia Lindström
Isabella Rossellini
Lars Lundberg
Kalevi Turtiainen
Lars Schmidt
Barbara Georgescu
Peter A. Georgescu
Kristian Schmidt
Yanne Norup-Schmidt
Eric Bedoucha
Sandra Gallego-Perez
Jason Vail
Ben Fischer
Michael Platt
Albert Platt
Amalia Cosmetatou
Loucas Tsilas
Yukiko Magoshi
Eric Satterlee
Sabine Yearwood
Brenda LaGrange Johnson
J Howard Johnson
Nathalie P Comfort
William T Comfort
Marlene Hess
James D Zirin
Nicole Limbocker
Derek L Limbocker
Elizabeth Martinez
Arthur Martinez
Sally Neff
Tom Neff
Rose-Lee Reinhard
Keith Reinhard
Didi Schafer
Oscar Schafer
Daisy Soros
Paul Soros
Missie Rennie Taylor
David H Taylor